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The best navigational tool for Visual Studio just got better. Relying on a Roslyn-based custom-built file code model, this new version of CodeMAP is perfectly accurate, immensely faster, with an impec...

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The best navigational tool for Visual Studio just got better. Relying on a Roslyn-based custom-built file code model, this new version of CodeMAP is perfectly accurate, immensely faster, with an impeccable notification system and almost imperceptible UI thread overhead. If you're not already, you will get addicted to CodeMAP's elegant and efficient presentation. Everything is there: sorting, grouping, nested code representation, code collapsing with editor sync, navigation history, member highlighting with editor sync, drag'n drop reordering, built-in and custom views etc. Testimony to CodeMAP's flexibility and power are its amount of options. You can customize almost anything you can think of in order to make it yours.

Internal code structure made easier to understand - that's what code flow lines is all about. Fully customizable in terms of colors and opacities, soon customizable in terms of line style. Blocks of code can be collapsed by click and if you need to emphasize a code flow line for an instant then Alt+Click will temporarily increase the pen width.

This is an example of a C# 'switch' statement with a collapsed block. And of course these are persistent, i.e. after restart or when closing and reopening a code document, previously collapsed blocks will be picked up by the engine.

A great deal of effort has been put into making this feature highly customizable - single click, double click, which items to show, what colors and line styles, opacity control i.e. lines more visible or more discrete, whether the line at cursor position should be enhanced or not, mouse hover behavior, etc. If we have missed an option just let us know :-)

Simple enough: persistent code highlighting! Available from the formatting toolbar through several state buttons, i.e. click once to highlight (and it stays pressed), click again to remove highlight. Optionally, a popup menu with highlight colors can be displayed when you hover the mouse cursor over a text selection. Keyboard accelerators are also available.

The formatting toolbar comes with two more goodies: bold and italic, and they can be applied to any code selection! And, exactly as with code highlighting, rich code formatting (as this feature is called) is persistent - that is, format, close document or Visual Studio, open and the formatting will be restored. Clearing formatting is done in the same fashion as for highlighting, i.e. place cursor inside or select part of a formatted code area and de-press the corresponding (bold or italic) toolbar button. Currently, only bold is wired to a keyboard accelerator - and of course, that is Ctrl+B :-)

This will be familiar to those of you coming from CodeSMART 10 or VS10x Editor View Enhancer, but with a lot of twists: different formatting for types, constructors, regular methods and properties, even different formatting for regular private vs regular public methods. Not to mention region names are now part of the family :-) Once you use this you will never want to go back to the standard Visual Studio code highlighting!

Similar to everything else in Supercharger, you can tweak this subsystem to your personal preference. You don't like the colors? A name kind is not enhanced enough, or maybe it stands out too much for your taste? Just hit the Options and make it perfect!

Attributes are definitely a very powerful thing - however, when they run in packs you begin wondering where the real type definition line (for example) is. Dimming attributes in terms of color and/or font size (customizable of course) can truly be a godsend in such cases.

If you have ever wondered what that closing bracket is from, then this feature is for you. Of course, it also works in VB, and because it uses the same Roslyn-powered file code model, you won't even notice when it asks for a CPU cycle.

While you can achieve bold/italic formatting by using the rich code, colleagues within your team will not be able to see that formatting. Markdown-based rich comments formatting is based on marking comment words with certain characters, which of course will be committed to SCC and thus be visible to others. Clearly, nice visual presentation will require Supercharger, but some markings are benign i.e. *italic text*, **bold text**, ~strikethrough text~ - see below:

Most of today's VS tools that provide spell checking work like in a word processor (they underline potential spelling mistakes, i.e. live checking). While it's definitely eye-catching and sometimes nice to have, these tools require that you open each code document and browse through it. The simplicity of a list with all words that are suspect from a spelling checker point of view would be much more effective. This is exactly what Supercharger's Spellist provides - and it does it in a very elegant manner.

How about a find-in-files with a revolutionary results highlighting system, i.e. results are highlighted depending on the whole word where the match is located. In the example below, matches of "document" in "WithDocumentationMode" are highlighted differently than those in "documentationMode" or "CommonWithDocumentationMode", because, of course, they may be of a completely different significance, isn't it? Also, each result line also comes with context, i.e. dimmed versions of the two previous and two next lines are also displayed (can be turned off), which get aggregated if necessary, i.e. you will never see unnecessary repetitions...

Now, what about noise in search results? In the example below, maybe you are not interested in matches in "documentation", but they're there anyway and they are obviously cluttering the output. Right click on such a match in the result list and you can add an exclude filter either for that instance only, or for all instances in that whole word! Or maybe you only want to see results in "documentation" without executing a new find - again, right-click on such a match and you can define an include filter based on that.

Copy. Copy. Copy again. Paste. Now, what if you could choose to paste from a previous copy operation? Necessarily in a very simple way, and by having a preview of the text that you are going to paste.

Enter Supercharger's Super Copy-Paste feature. It keeps track of the previous copy operations in a smart fashion and upon paste it alternatively offers you the possibilty to use an item from history instead of the current clipboard contents. In order to do so, immediately after pasting, hit the keyboard key corresponding to the history buffer index you want to use instead of what has been pasted from clipboard (highlighted in green). That is, hit 1 for example to use the first (i.e. most recent) history buffer, 2 for the immediately previous one, and so on.

Making sure your UI text is correct from a language point of view is crucial to delivering a high-quality product. For most people this is identical to spell-checking - however, correct words can form bad or uninspired sentences and phrases, and that's something a spelling checker won't catch. Enter Supercharger's Phrasing Review tool which will output all phrases at a certain scope such that it will be much easier for you to check them.

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